24 Hour Turning Movement Count

24 Hour Turning Movement Count

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24 Hour Count 

This product is a 24 hour Video Data Processing session.  Under the terms of this item, the purchaser is entitled to upload 24 hours of compliant traffic related video footage for processing and the subsequent return of statistical data of vehicle activity. 

How do does the system work?

  1. Collect your video: Set up a camera to collect the vehicle movements you want counted at a given test site.
  2. Format your Video for Upload: Merge and Trim your video to include the footage that meets your study parameters. Trimming and Joining software link CountCam Trim and Join Software
  3. Purchase your Counts: Select the duration that is sufficient to account for the duration of each of the individual videos you have created.
  4. Complete Count Sheet: The CountCloud team will send you a simple spreadsheet (see Count Sheet details below) designed to gather information about the orientation of your video, approaches, movements, and any special parameters about your count. Download Count Sheet Template
  5. Upload your Video and your Count Sheet: Upload your Count Sheet and Video to us at the same time through CountCloud.me. DO NOT use Microsoft Edge as your browser for this upload.
  6. Count Data Returned: Our manual counters review your video and count your traffic data based on what you indicated in the Count Sheet. Data is returned via the email collected at the time of purchase and is in .csv format.

What type of video files do you accept? COUNTcloud can accept most standard video formats including .MP4, .ASF, .AVI, and .MOV formats. CountCloud processing is optimized to work with CountingCars video recording equipment but is not limited to those formatting options.

What types of Counts are Processed? CountCloud will return data for the following traffic scenarios.

  1. Controlled intersections: Stop Sign controlled, Stop Light Controlled, Roundabout, and uncontrolled intersections.
  2. Mid Block: Multi-directional traffic volumes at Mid Block locations.
  3. Trail sites:  Multi-directional traffic volumes on designated trail locations

Which Turning Movements are Included?  The Count Sheet allows you to designate up to 4 distinct approaches for any test site.  For any of those indicated approaches we will account for through traffic, left turns, right turns, and u-turns for both heavy and light classes.  Where there is the potential for more than one of the same movement on the same approach this would be considered an additional intersection, resulting in the required purchase of a separate count. 

How are Intersections defined?  Under this service an intersection is defined as a location in which 2 or more streets intersect, at grade, resulting in up to 4 distinct approaches.  The movements from these approaches need to be defined and limited to through traffic, left turns, right turns, and u-turn movements.   

How is the Duration defined? Your Count Sheet will indicate a timestamp for when you would like your processing to begin.  We will apply the duration you purchased from that initial start time and review your footage based on the continuous timestamp contained within your video.

For example: You have purchased a 24 hour video. You indicate 06:00 as the start time for your count. We will then calibrate our system to start your 15 minute bins to begin at 06:00.  The 24 hour review of real-time video footage begins at that start time.  We will not generate data for any footage that falls beyond the 24 hour period from the indicated start time, nor will we count any breaks between that time.  The footage needs to be continuous without breaks in the timestamps of the collected video.

What if I am not sure if my video qualifies under this service? Let us take a look at you video and we will review it for any issues that are unique to the needs of your specific count.  Contact: sales@spacksolutions.com

Can I upload videos from more than one location at a time? To correctly count your location, we ask that you complete the submission process for each intersection you need counted along with the Count Sheet that you receive for the location to be counted.

What is a Count Sheet? A Count Sheet provides us with information about the location you want to be counted including the direction that the camera is placed, and other location specific information. A Count Sheet will be emailed to you after you place an order for the COUNTcloud service on the CountingCars.com website. Complete a Count Sheet for each day, at each of the locations you wish to have counted and upload with your video. Your Count Sheet will include the completed vehicle volume data following the processing, and will be returned to you.

What Classification are Provided Through COUNTcloud?  The classifications provided with your COUNTcloud order are defined below.

  • Heavy Vehicles: a rollup of the FHWA Classes 4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13. Class 5 designated vehicles including Ambulances and larger (Busses [standard school and coach], Box Trucks, Self-Powered RV’s, Construction Equipment).
  • Light Vehicles: a rollup of the FHWA Classes 1, 2, 3. Class 5 designated vehicles smaller than an Ambulance(Delivery vans, 2 Axle Vehicles with trailer, Mobility Busses) .  Also includes bicycles in the roadway.
  • Pedestrians: Net values of pedestrians utilizing the crosswalks to bisect one of the defined approaches in the Count Sheet.  For example: a crosswalk that allows pedestrians to intersect the Northbound approach will result in timestamped data for the total utilization of the crosswalk irrespective of the direction of that pedestrian traffic.
  • Bicycles: Net values of bicycles utilizing the crosswalks to bisect one of the defined approaches in the Count Sheet.  For example: a crosswalk that allows bicycles to intersect the Northbound approach will result in timestamped data for the total utilization of the crosswalk irrespective of the direction of that bicycle traffic.

  If additional classifications or turning movement counts are required you can contact our sister company Spack Solutions where more specific and unique counts can be completed.

What will my data look like?  When you fill out your Count Sheet you will find 3 blank worksheets.  The Basic Information tab and worksheets titled Light and Heavy.  The Light Vehicle and Heavy Vehicle sheets will be populated with your data once the counts are completed.  The column headings will be consistent with those provided in the Count Sheet template and the bins will be in 15 minute increments. That increment is locked in the CountCloud service but can be manipulated utilizing the timestamps in the data after receiving the .csv file.

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