Warranties and Repairs

Warranty  - Effective August 1, 2017

COUNTcam, COUNTpad, and wayCOUNT units have a 90-day manufacturer defect replacement warranty. The replacement warranty covers the physical unit and not the accessories. If you purchased a COUNTcare Protection Plan on a defective unit replaced under the manufacturer defect warranty, the COUNTcare Protection Plan extends to the replacement unit. 

Warranties for the Armadillo Tracker and Pocket Radar products are available directly from the manufacturer. 

COUNTcare Protection Plan

COUNTcare Protection Plans provide full replacement of a broken unit.  To invoke the COUNTcare replacement, return the broken unit, and we’ll send you a new unit.  You cover the shipping costs.  COUNTcare can only be used to replace a unit once, but you can buy a COUNTcare Protection Plan for your replacement unit.  The price for COUNTcare Protection Plans are:



COUNTcam 2

Booster Pack

1 Year Plan




2 Year Plan





3 Year Plan




CountingCars.com reserves the right not to sell the COUNTcare Protection Plan for any reason. 


Repairs Outside Warranty - Effective August 1, 2017

We charge $50 for a repair diagnostic on COUNTcam and wayCOUNT units outside of the 90-day manufacturer defect warranty period. If the unit is repairable, we will provide a quote for labor, parts, and shipping to return the unit to you in working order.  If you have questions about repair service, please contact support@countingcars.zendesk.com for more details.


Items Return Process

In order to accurately track items that have been return please follow the instructions below.  This process will cover Product Returns, Warranty Claims, Repair Items, and Demo Returns.

1. Contact Tech Support at 888-888-0637 Ext. 2 or support@countingcars.zendesk.com and have a Ticket Number generated for your situation.

2. Download the Technical Support Request form from the following link and include the Tech Support Ticket Number supplied from Step 1 on that form along with details about why the items are bening sent in.

Technical Support Request Form

3.  Enclose a physical copy of the Technical Support Request Form within the box that is being shipped back to our facility.  If you do not have the original packaging from when you were shipped our products, please indicate that in the Tech Support call in Step 1 and we will provide any box markings that are required. Please address the shipment at follows.

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