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Welcome to the Download Center.  Included on this page you will find the most current media and documents to support our services and equipment.  As a Best Practice be sure the check this page regularly for updates to the material.



COUNTcam2 Downloads

COUNTcam2 Firmware Update Directions

COUNTcam2 Firmware Download Link

Android COUNTcam App Link

COUNTcam2 Fat32 Storage Formatting tool

iOS COUNTcam App Link

NEW: COUNTCam2 Toolbox Ver7400 (GPU powered Video Joining and Compression)


 wayCOUNT Downloads

wayCOUNT Spec Sheet

Vehicle List Data Sample

Vehicle Report Data Sample

WayCOUNT Traffic Counter Manual


COUNTcloud Downloads 

COUNTcloud Data Example

COUNTcloud Count Sheet Template


COUNTpro/COUNTpad Downloads

COUNTpro V7257 Software Download (updated 11/13/19)

VLC 3.0.4 for Windows (32 bit) - required for current releases of COUNTcam2 and COUNTpro.

COUNTpad2 and COUNTpro Manual