BuyBack Program

CountCam BuyBack Program

Send us your old equipment, we'll buy it back, and upgrade you to our CountCam2.


We're saying goodbye to CountCam Minis, 100s, and 200s and moving onward and upward with CountCam2 - and we want to bring you with us.


CountCam2 Features

Older technology and equipment often comes with higher costs of repairs, battery replacements, and accessories, so when we created the CountCam2, we made sure to address all these potential issues:

  • The design of CountCam 2 includes a smaller design with plug and play, booster battery packs, and a convenient App for your phone so you can easily control the unit.

With 1000s of CountCam2 units out in the field with rave reviews, we wanted to be sure you had a chance to upgrade with our new CountCam BuyBack Program.

If you want to take advantage of our BuyBack Program and upgrade to the CountCam2, here's what you do.

Buy Back Process

  1. Click here to schedule your free consult and we'll answer any questions you have and get you set up.

  2. We'll send you a free demo to get familiar with the equipment.

  3. Send back your legacy equipment

  4. You will have the option to keep that demo unit and we will generate an invoice for it at the buy back rate.

  5. Experience the ease, convenience, and effectiveness of working with the CountCam2

Get maximum return on investment and move your company forward with cutting-edge tech. Click the button below to schedule your consult, upgrade, and sell back your old equipment.