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CountingCars.com is an American manufacturer and online store that develops and sells durable, cost-effective transportation data collection equipment. We've created traffic counting products that simplify the counting process. We have customers of all sizes in all 50 US States, 45 Countries and 6 Continents. CountingCars.com is your one stop shop for traffic counting equipment. To learn more about what we do, visit our CEO's blog, Mike on Traffic.

For road tube counters, check out the wayCOUNT.
For video-based traffic recorders, check out the COUNTcam 2.
For traffic engineering tools to improve productivity visit SpackAcademy.com.

Please contact us with questions. Call us at 888-888-0637 or e-mail us.

Address: 1 Southeast Main Street, STE 204, Minneapolis, MN  55414