Armadillo Radar Traffic Counter
Armadillo Radar Traffic Counter

Armadillo Tracker Radar Traffic Counter

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EMAIL US HERE or call 888-888-0637 for pricing details.

Armadillo Tracker is a fully integrated multi-lane bidirectional traffic statistics gathering device. Featuring small size and no-hassle field setup, it is the leading non-intrusive real-time and archiving statistics collector in the world. It's the worlds smallest radar-based stats collection box with target tracking, multi-lane and bi-directional capabilities. 

Optional GPS Tracking Module and Solar Kit sold separately. Call 888.888.0637 or email for pricing on accessories.

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  • Weatherproof security switch for turning unit on and off.  
  • Best-in-class 99.6% speed accuracy and up to 97% count accuracy.  
  • On-board memory to store 350,000 individual vehicles in four lane bidirectional traffic  
  • Ultra-low power consumption allows 2 weeks of run time on built-in batteries and full autonomy (with a small 5W solar panel).  
  • Simple point and go installation.  No measurements.  No trigonometric computations.  No computer required on the road!  
  • Collects individual time stamped vehicle counts, speeds and class (up to 3) per direction on up to 2+2 lanes making it a perfect fit for traffic monitoring and speed study applications.  
  • Computes real-time, per direction average speed for incident detection applications.


EMAIL US HERE or call 888-888-0637 for pricing details.