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More for less. The PicoCount 2500 is a revolutionary way to perform volume, classification and speed studies. It's smart, portable and compact. Not to mention, it's about 5% of the size of standard traffic counters and the battery life is 10 years.
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wayCount Road Tube Counter. Small. affordable. Available at wayCOUNT

**Recommended** The wayCOUNT road tube counter is a revolutionary way to collect volume and speed data. Wireless data retrieval and upload with Bluetooth app. Cloud based data storage. No download cables needed. Never lose track of your data again!

List Price: $499.00
Sale Price: $399.00
PicoCount 2500 l Tube Counter. Pico Count 2500. Small. Affordable. Available at PicoCount 2500

The PicoCount two-channel road tube counter collects volume, classification and speed data.

List Price: $499.00