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You need car counts (and bikes, and pedestrians).

Whether you work for a government agency, consulting engineering firm, or a traffic data collection firm, we have the equipment you need to get that data. We know this because we have over a thousand customers just like you across the globe.

If you need to know how many cars are going across a certain point on a road, our $499 PicoCount 2500 Tube Counter is the most cost-effective traffic counting tool on the market that captures speed, volume, and classification data. We have packages for those looking to get started. We also sell replacement road tubes.

If you need to know how many cars are making turns at an intersection (or how many bicyclists/pedestrians are using a trail crossing), our COUNTkit system is the right tool. Our portable COUNTcams allow you to record up to eight straight days of video at an intersection and our COUNTpad system allows you to count that video back in the office on fast forward speed.

Most of our customers reduce the amount of labor associated with counting by 50 to 75%. We can help you figure out
how much labor you’d save based on case studies from our customers. The COUNTkit system typically pays for itself in less than nine months with labor savings.

If you need help getting your videos processed, our COUNTcloud service is there to help. You send us your videos and we send you back turning movement count data. We offer fixed rates and require no ongoing contracts.

We’re constantly innovating based on feedback from our customers. We recently redesigned our COUNTcam camera system to utilize lithium ion batteries, which provides longer battery life and a much lighter system than our previous lead acid battery based COUNTcams. Another innovation based on customer requests is that we now have a full rental program. This helps our customers through their short term, large scale projects without needing to make large capitol purchases.

How do we know we’re the right folks to help you with your traffic counting equipment needs? Simple. We’re one of you. We’re founded by a traffic engineer who worked as a city traffic engineer and currently runs both a data collection firm and a traffic engineering consulting firm.
You can read more about what we do and stay up-to-date on the traffic industry by following our CEO's blog: Mike On Traffic.

When you call us with a sales or tech support question, you’ll be talking with a traffic technician, transportation planner, or traffic engineer. We developed the tools we need on the job and we’re proud to offer those same tools to you. Please give us a call (+1 888-888-0637) or send us an email if you have any questions about our products or traffic counting in general. is here to help.

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