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Frequently Asked Questions
We sell two road tube counters: wayCOUNT - our newest, most technically advanced road tube counter, and Pico Count. Following are frequently asked questions about both of our road tube counters.

Download a wayCOUNT product spec sheet here!

What’s the best way to get started?
Check out one of our package deals. All packages include everything you need to get started. Download the wayCOUNT Product Spec Sheet.

Will they work with my tubes?
Yes. They work with the industry standard heavy, D-tubes, mini-tubes, etc. Learn more about tubes.

How much is the downloading/reporting software?
wayCOUNT. The wayCOUNT uses a free app for your mobile device. Your traffic data is collected on the wayCOUNT and wirelessly transferred to your mobile device with Bluetooth. Your data and reports are stored on the cloud. NO download cables needed. Access your data and reports from anywhere.

The PicoCount uses a download cable to retrieve data from the device. A free copy Traffic View Pro software is included with your purchase to analyze your data.

What does the Cloud-based data storage cost for wayCOUNT?
The Cloud-based storage on is free! You can access the website from anywhere in the world so even your most remote teams have access to the data you collect - free of charge! Visit the website today to create an account. It's free!

How many traffic counts can I store on the Cloud with wayCOUNT?
You can store an unlimited number of traffic reports (and the traffic data) on the Cloud ( at no charge!

Is my traffic data visible to everyone on
We believe openly sharing data. The default setting at is set to "Public" which allows anyone with a WayCount account to view the data that was collected. However, we know that some clients prefer to keep their data private. You can easily change your account setting to "Private" so only you and your team can access and view your data.

Are counts time stamped?
Yes – meaning, you can get accurate speed and classification data as well as volumes using both the wayCOUNT and Pico Count products.

Well, how do I make sure they’re working in the field?
wayCOUNT. With the wayCOUNT, field technicians can tap on the tap on the two ports and watch the strikes on the app. No additional equipment needed.

Pico Count. You can plug in the Count Buddy, which has an LED light-up each time a port gets an axle hit, or you can plug in your laptop and watch the Pico recording axle hits in “live mode”.

Will it work with the standard tube configurations I’m used to?
Yes. Through the downloading process you configure the data to the tube configuration you used. Any one or two tube configuration you’re used to using can be used with the wayCOUNT and PicoCount 2500.

How much do they weight?
Both the wayCOUNT and Pico Count weigh less than 1 pound.

What if it breaks?
We’re confident that it won’t. But, if it does due to manufacturer defect, we will repair Pico Count units during the first year.

If your wayCOUNT fails due to manufacturer defect, we will replace your unit with a new unit during the first year.

We offer a 90-day money back guarantee. Extended warranty options are also available.

I like the way my reports come out in my current software. Can I keep using it to print reports?
wayCOUNT. Your traffic reports are available online at and can be downloaded for further use.

Pico Count. Our Traffic Viewer Pro software can export to .csv or .prn files which can be imported into other traffic data analysis software. It’s a quick 30 second operation. You can download the software here.

What do I do if the battery dies?
The wayCOUNT comes with a replaceable Lithium Ion battery that costs approximately $10 to replace. wayCOUNT users will typically get 2 to 3 years of use on their device before needing to replace the battery. The app will notify you when it's time to replace the battery.

The battery in the Pico Count can not be replaced. When the unit is dead it should be recycled.

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