The Traffic Counter's Hub is an American manufacturer and online store that develops and sells durable, cost-effective transportation data collection equipment.

We've created traffic counting products that simplify the counting process. We have customers of all sizes in all 50 US States, 8 Canadian Provinces, 43 Countries and 6 Continents. is your one stop shop for traffic counting equipment. To learn more about what we do, visit our CEO's blog, Mike on Traffic.

For tube counters, check out For video-based counters, check out Please contact us with questions. Call us at 888-888-0637 or e-mail:

Road Count 5 Pack
Our Price: $1,999.00

Add Pico Count 2500s to your inventory of counters with this bundle.
The New Driveway Counter Package
Our Price: $399.00

Count traffic at your driveway, car wash, parking garage or drive through with the PicoCount 2500 Driveway Counter Package. It's everything you need to get started!

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